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Default google account chrome

Sometimes we have to change our Gmail accounts for a variety of reasons, like a new job, for example. That's means it's time to change our default Google accounts or add a new one, which we will prioritize over others we have.

By doing this you can see the emails from your new job first, but you will still be able to switch over to your older accounts whenever you wish. Fortunately, Google anticipated this sort of thing and made it very easy to set a new default Google account on your Mac computer or PC. It will only take a few minutes to set up. Here's how you can do it:. Your new account will be listed as " default. Signing back in this way will work for all accounts.

You can sign back into all of your other Google accounts without ruining up your new setup this way. Note: Your default account can be different on every device, and the method I outlined above only works on the specific device you did it on.

So make sure you do this across all of your devices. Gmail is one of the most popular email services on the planet. It's owned and maintained by Google, so it's no surprise that Gmail had over 1. That said, Read more. If you're a Chrome web browser user, it's more than likely that you will encounter Chrome autofill suggestions for assorted forms and text entry points.

In some cases, those autofill suggestions are good, but in It seems Google finally listened to its customers and we can finally export our user data including login data and passwords from Chrome on iOS. Google already began work on the feature a while ago and Name required.

Mail will not be published required. Submit Comment. We develop data management software solutions designed to make encryption accessible and bring simplicity and organization to your everyday online life.When using certain Google applications within your web browser, such as Docs or even Gmail, you will need to sign in to an account.

In this article, we will go through a few ways you can switch your default Google account. There are several benefits of having the correct default Google account; for example, when you open any new applications, they will go directly to the account you want.

This means programs that use the default, like Google Calendar, will follow links correctly and put information in the right place. This prevents situations where work events go into your personal diary, for instance. Although these methods will work for all of your Google accounts, some websites require Gmail accounts.

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You will also need to know the passwords for your accounts, as in some of these methods you will need to sign out and then sign back in. If you want to change your default account, Google does have an official method. This is to sign out and then back in again, as Google will use the first account you access as the default. You can also temporarily switch between accounts this way, as long as you are already signed in. Your web browser will keep any settings and saved details, regardless of the account set as the default.

This could become a problem if you have many different accounts to pick from. The first step in this process is to sign out all of your accounts. This can be done on any Google page, including Google. This will give you a list with every account that you can choose, and an option to add another. To set the default account, you should first select the one you want to use and then log into any others for easy switching.

You can check it has changed correctly by opening up a new tab and going to Google. If you find yourself regularly switching between default accounts, it may be worth using different profiles. Google Chrome uses profiles to allow multiple people to use different bookmarks, settings and accounts on one computer.

However, you can also use this to separate your various accounts. Using different profiles will take longer to set up than other methods, but doing it correctly will allow you to switch between accounts with just two clicks. This is ideal for anyone with many accounts that would need to be signed back in every time your default changes. You can click the profile picture on the right side of the search bar to change between them.Google Chrome makes it easy to switch between multiple Google accounts.

For instance, you cannot remove one account separately or change the default account with one click. So how to change default account in Chrome and what is meant by a default account? When you open any Google product site from Chrome browser on your PC, you must have noticed that it always signs you in with a particular account.

That account is referred to as the default account. If you have signed in with your work and personal accounts, you might want to change the default account.

What Is Default Account in Chrome and How to Change It

The first impression with Google Chrome is quite vital and often ignored. However, the Chrome sync feature will be turned off unless you enable it manually. Another way that Chrome makes a Google account your default is when you set up Chrome's sign-in feature. Further, when you open any Google service, the default account will log into that. For instance, if you open Gmail or Google Photos in your browser, you will be taken to the default account. You will need to switch accounts to use the service from another account.

Even if you switch accounts, the browsing and search history will be linked to the default account. Click on the profile icon at the top. A list of logged-in Google accounts will show up. You will see the text Default mentioned next to the default account. The process is slightly twisted. You can use the following two methods to change the default account in Chrome. In this method, you need to sign out of all the Google accounts logged into Chrome.

Then, sign in with the account that you want to make your default first, followed by other accounts. Step 2: Click on the profile picture icon at the top. Click on Sign out of all accounts. Step 3: When you sign out, the page that will open up depends on whether you are signed into Chrome or not. Or the page will just reload, and you will see the Sign in button at the top.

default google account chrome

Clicking on Sign in will take you to the login screen where you will see your Google accounts. Click on the Google account that you want to make your default. Enter your login details and sign in. Then sign in with other Google Accounts. If you've enabled sync feature for Chrome, you will be taken to 'Syncing is paused' screen.If you want to know how to change the default Google Account for things like email and calendars, this guide is for you. Unfortunately, multiple Google accounts come with a problem: multiple sign-ins on the desktop and mobile devices.

And if it's not the one you want, how can you change the default Google sign-in to the one you want? Multiple sign-ins used to be a mess, but now it's more seamless than ever before. This feature allows you to view the content of your other accounts while logged into one. But you can't use some of the Google tools from two accounts at one time e. Google Drive unless you choose one.

Google defaults to the first account you logged in with. This is the rule you will see in action every time. On mobile devices, your default account can vary depending on your device's operating system and the apps you use. Remembering the right account can save you time and energy. Do note that Google settings aren't shared between multiple accounts.

But a few annoyances do pop up. Maybe, you have tried to open a shared link and Google tells you don't have permission with the default account. Starting the day with the default Google account and then signing into others is a good "Google habit".

Easy account switching also makes it less bothersome.

11 Chrome Settings You Should Change Now!

But if you operate with several accounts every day then using different Chrome profiles is the way to go. Be sure to protect each of your Google accounts with the advanced Google protection program. Concerned about online security? So is Google.

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Here's how to use its Advanced Protection Program to secure your accounts online. On mobiles, your user activity and app preferences are saved in the default account you signed into the device with.

So, the right default account is a thought to consider. You can start with a default Google sign-in and then add other accounts. And remember, you can import and manage other email accounts in Gmail too.

Change your Default Gmail Account in Multiple Sign In

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But Photography, Photoshop, and Productivity ideas soothe his soul. Believe it or not, Google has a simple solution. How to Change Your Default Google Account Multiple sign-ins used to be a mess, but now it's more seamless than ever before. Share Share Tweet Email. Related Topics Internet Google Gmail. Saikat Basu Articles Published.

Subscribe To Our Newsletter Join our newsletter for tech tips, reviews, free ebooks, and exclusive deals! Submit Loading One More Step…! Please confirm your email address in the email we just sent you.I recently did a format on my laptop and installed Google chrome again. During the sign-in to Google, I used my work account which was different than the one used on my previous chrome. And this caused me a bit of trouble with the default sign-in.

Now every time I went for using my Gmailit started with my work mail. I use my personal mail more often than my work mail, so to open my personal ID I had to switch to my personal ID each time since my work ID would open by default. This problem occurs because the account you log in with first in your Chrome is set as your default account to access everything. If you have set an auxiliary account as default by mistake you might face the trouble of switching to the one you need more often.

Follow the steps below to change your default account. You will find the default account which is open at the top right of the screen. Or else the setting you change are not going to be applied permanently. You can do that by clicking on the profile icon on the top-right corner and then click log-out. Do this for all your account.

default google account chrome

STEP 3 — Now Sign-in with the account you want to set as default and then add other accounts by using the add account option. You have successfully changed your default Gmail account. With this your account used in other products like Maps, Drive etc also changes. You can do this in any browser you use. You can also have the option of creating a shortcut of your account on your blank page. But still it is better to change the default account for convenience. We can hope that in near future, Chrome starts handling multiple accounts without the need to logging in for different accounts, similar to our Gmail app.

But for now it will only slow down your browser as it starts loading all your accounts at once. If I log out of the accounts and then sign in anew, will I lose the contacst and emails I have in my gmail? My work email login keeps coming up as the default sign-in. Logging out of work email and logging in with personal gmail makes no difference. When I log out of personal gmail, close Chrome, then reopen my Chrome home tab set, the gmail login defaults to work email.

This is despite the fact that my personal gmail shows as the default email. Why should we have to go searching for an answer.It is common to have multiple Google accounts, viz.

It is simple to switch between multiple Google accounts in Chrome. Generally, the first account you sign-in on Chrome becomes the default account for everything in the browser. You may not want to link your personal activity to your professional account and vice versa. You can set an account of your choice to default with a few clicks and enjoy browsing.

This way you can avoid confusion and define the limitations of each account. Let us see how we can do it. Before changing the default Google account, we need to know which account is set to default.

To know that open mail. Click on the profile picture in the top-right of the window. It opens the account details and shows the other accounts signed into the browser. You can also find the default account from the toolbar if you can recognize the account by profile picture as Google Chrome adds its default account to the toolbar.

default google account chrome

Now that you know the default account and you need to change it, you have to sign-out of all accounts in the browser.

To do that, click on your profile picture in the top-right of the Gmail screen.

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In the interface that opens you will find an option to sign-out of all accounts. Click on it. Now, sign-in with the account you want to set to default account and sign-in to other accounts after that. Remember, the first account you sign-in is the default account. Changing Default Google Account Before changing the default Google account, we need to know which account is set to default.

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How to Change Your Default Google Account in Chrome/Safari/Firefox Browser

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default google account chrome

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